100% of spend is on contract so optimum prices can be negotiated, and discounts and rebates maximised. Adherence to brand standards is ensured.

Gain total visibility of all supplier transactions, which reduces queries, cuts out order and invoice disputes and removes many of the irritating day-to-day distractions for operational personnel.

Offers new ways to do business more efficiently. Time spent on non-productive administration and requisition processes is reduced so managers and in-house teams can focus on driving sales.

Control measures are tightened and purchasing efficiency and visibility of performance are radically improved with far–reaching opportunities to improve the bottom line.

Greater benefits for head office

  • Timely, accurate data – offers up-to-the-minute reporting for better supplier management
  • Consistent communications – offers a communications channel for company-wide communications, such as information on listed and delisted products, operational manuals and Point of Sale instructions
  • Convenient – 24/7 access anytime, anywhere
  • Time-saving – streamlined processes and accurate data frees up time wasted on resolving invoice disputes and other administrative tasks
  • Compatibility – iTradeNetwork can integrate with or feed data into / out of your existing finance, stock control and EPOS systems

Greater benefits for outlets

  • Easy – it's intuitive, so all you need is a PC with internet access. There are no new hardware or software installation requirements
  • Convenient - 24/7 availability so you can order when it suits you, from anywhere
  • Fast - offers order features such as favourites, to increase speed of ordering
  • Informative – details order confirmations and allows stock checking so you know exactly what will be delivered
  • Accurate – reduces any misunderstandings, as can be the case with telephone ordering