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Rileys Snooker Clubs

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Rileys Pool and Snooker Clubs, part of Valiant Sports Ltd, is one of the best-known names in British Sports and is synonymous around the globe with the games of Billiards and Snooker. Established in 1878, the company now operates 120 halls across the UK, employs around 1,250 people and has more than half a million members and a customer base of around three million people per annum.

The Challenge

Throughout its network of snooker clubs, Rileys had been experiencing issues with unaccountable stock levels, stock wastage, and misordering from some areas of the business. The subsequent costs on the business were spiraling out of control, so Rileys wanted a purchasing solution that would allow head office to steer the snooker halls to be much more efficient with their buying and a system that would allow head office to manage stock levels across the business.

The Solution

After discussions about the specific purchasing issues faced by Rileys, iTradeNetwork demonstrated the benefits that The Multiple Operator Portal solution was able to offer the hospitality industry, and how the online purchasing solution could specifically benefit Rileys.

Valerie Currie, Purchasing Controller for Rileys, is very impressed with the solution. She said: 

“The Multiple Operator Portal gives us a fantastic opportunity to ensure our clubs only order head office-approved products. The new platform helps us in the purchasing of all our products, to maintain stock at the right levels and to know exactly what, when and the value of purchases across the business. It also frees up the time of our managers and allows them to be more customer-focused and use their time to run the business.”

Peter Jurkiewicz, General Manager at Riley’s flagship store in Victoria, London uses the Multiple Operator Portal to place orders. He comments:

“From a Manager’s perspective, the online purchasing system is simple and easy to use. You can use it any time of day or night, from anywhere. You can even use it on your laptop and dial in. The solution saves time and I can make sure I don’t miss any orders. You simply choose your food or drink items that are clearly itemised, place the order and add it to your basket, check out and confirm the order. It’s as simple as that.”

The Outcome

Rileys has seen huge benefits of having an integrated, online purchasing solution in a relatively short time. The Multiple Operator Portal has given head office greater visibility and control and allows the purchasing process across the business to be much more efficient.

Valerie Currie, Purchasing Controller for Rileys concludes:

“The platform has surpassed my expectations and is 100% user-friendly. Knowing what I know now, I would recommend iTradeNetwork’s Multiple Operator Portal to any business.”