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Jarvis Hotels

Trading with suppliers online improves purchasing compliance and control for Jarvis Hotels.

Faced with the challenge of gaining tighter control of food and beverage spend across its estate, Jarvis Hotels sought an e-commerce solution to place online orders for fresh food, grocery and drinks. Jarvis now has a bespoke ordering website based on iTradeNetwork’s Operator Portal product, that has brought simplicity and convenience to food and beverage ordering. 

“Managing food and beverage purchasing across a business like ours is extremely complex. Without up-to-date and accurate purchasing data, spend management is impossible. Now that all our ordering is done online I have all the information I need at my fingertips.”
Andrew Pring, Director, Jarvis Hotels

The Challenge

Jarvis Hotels owns over 40 hotels throughout the UK and believes that a consistent, good quality food and beverage offering is an essential element of its overall customer proposition. Jarvis wanted to ensure that its entire estate was buying approved food and drink products from nominated suppliers at agreed prices; one of the key challenges faced by head office purchasing teams in the hospitality industry. ‘Off-contract purchasing’ can increase costs and leave customers with an inconsistent brand experience. Most food and drink ordering was managed by individual hotels over the phone, a system that was inconvenient, inefficient, and prone to errors.

The Solution

Following a demonstration of iTradeNetwork’s Multiple Operator Portal, Jarvis decided that switching to online ordering could address both the lack of purchasing control and the head office’s need for supplier performance visibility.

Based on its Multiple Operator Portal product which uses the latest e-commerce technology, iTradeNetwork set up a bespoke Jarvis Hotels-branded website through which staff at each hotel could view approved product catalogues from nominated food and drink suppliers, place orders and view order confirmations.

Following a successful trial, the system was rolled out to all Jarvis’ hotels, allowing hotel staff to place and track orders online from their food and drink suppliers using one simple system, at their convenience. Meanwhile, Jarvis’ head office purchasing team has up-to-the-minute purchasing data showing exactly what has been ordered by each hotel, from which supplier and the price paid. Timely and reliable data now makes supplier relationship management easier and ensures the management team is equipped with the necessary information for better decision-making.

The Outcome

In the last 12 months Jarvis’ Multiple Operator Portal has handled over 20,000 transactions. The system has proved very popular with staff at the hotels, as Lee Langridge, Executive Head Chef, explains:

“Ordering online means we can order at different times, outside of normal office hours. The system is really easy to use and there are no misunderstandings over what has been ordered, which you sometimes get ordering over the phone. It has definitely made my life easier.”
The management team is delighted with the results delivered from switching to online food and beverage ordering.

Andrew Pring at Jarvis concludes:

“Being able to view all food and drink purchases online means we can identify problem areas and tackle them early on. This has led to improvements in overall supplier commercial terms and service performance, whilst also increasing our hotels’ adherence to brand standards. Our business operates more efficiently and is better equipped to react to market changes.”